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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Interview by Alana Munro

I was honored when asked by Alana Munro, if I'd consider doing an interview to feature on her site. She is a great great great asset to the writers everywhere and always looking to help bring someone out of the dark corners and into the light so the world may get to know them better. 

Visit her site here >>>>  Alana Munro's site

She is the author of ''Women Behaving Badly''. 
To read more about her book >>>  Women Behaving Badly

''In recent times, Alana runs a Google+ community for all writers, bloggers and poets. Support-a-Writer offers support and encouragement to all new writers. The members share marketing tips, discuss their writing ideas and cheer each other on. It is a very active and friendly community, do consider joining if you hope to discover new talent or you are a writer looking to connect. You will be sure to receive a warm welcome!'' --quoted from her site. 

I simply adore this woman. If you have the pleasure of developing a relationship with her you will know exactly what I mean. 

To view the interview-click here >>>   Interview with Adrianna Joleigh by Alana Munro 

Monday, 13 May 2013

''Nadia'' --- Blog Novel

Those of you who follow me here, feel free to click over to my other site

adriannajoleigh.com ), and read along as I create the story that I've been dying to write, ''Nadia''. 

Entries 1, 2 & 3 are now published on the site and 4 is in the making. I hope you enjoy.

Anyone (Readers or Writers, etc) who would like to discuss the story, feel free. I am always open minded to

those of you who are so brilliant at what you do.

Enjoy it :) I'll do my best to keep the suspense going for you.

---A. Joleigh

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Aspirations of a Muse

You sit alone
Within the shadows of a stage.
Hear me, your muse, sing our song,
That I'll sing 'til the end of our days.

Pluck the strings of your guitar.
Imagine the instrument's my form.
Strum each cord to the pounding of my heart.
Invoke words of ecstasy...wanting more.

I watch you slide your hands down.
Feel the curvatures of my passions.
Bend my instrument.
Do the will of your imagination.

Up and down to the beat of our own tempo.
Breathe to the iambs of one another's appetite.
Rapacity conjures up hidden desires.
Carnal instincts thrive along my spine.

Thrust harmony deep into your mind,
As steam rises off the chorus.
Propel into tempestuous rage.
The bosom of my craft, voluptuous.

Finding your rhythm along side me.
Tune my delicate alabaster skin.
Fiercely tug on my ebony hair.
Titillate these forbidden notes within...

Melodious tears flow.
This writhing instrument's subdued.
Fervent to arrest this moment.
...And so begins the first interlude.


Friday, 10 May 2013

STEEL Magazine!!!

This blog of mine is featured in STEEL's online magazine!

Thank you Ro May for asking to feature my blog on your site. I'm thrilled!!

To take a look at STEEL's online magazine click >>> HERE

The link to the page to view the sites he has featured ... >>> Click Here 
and they are located to the right column, underneath ''Writers Block''.

Again, Thank you Ro May. You've made a girls day.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Poem ''Unaccepted'' Featured on Vashti Quiroz's site

Vashti Quiroz was sweet enough to ask me to create a poem for her book, The Basement.

Here is the link to her site >> click here for main page

and the link to the excerpt featuring a poem I wrote just for her >> click here for featured poem.

Thank you Vashti for the chance to work with you on this!!! 

(Please forgive post if it has typos...I'm doing this with one eye open..LOL)

Monday, 6 May 2013

Nothing Compares...

My heart rapidly pirouettes.
To the twist of my emotions.
Butterfly ballet, in the pit of my stomach,
Sways to the rhythm of oceans. 

Desperate to trap my breath.
Memories trickle into my veins.
Undeniable trance in every whisper.
An ache along my thighs remain. 

Undying love held within your eyes.
Sultry angel kisses penetrate my skin.
A single rose trailing down my torso.
The feeding of sultry desires begin.

Eager to feel the grip of your hands.
Craving the taste of your kiss.
Fingertips graze across my flushed face.
A delicious haunting rapture this is...

Ruthless passion thriving between us lovers.
Unconditional empathy exudes.
From these intense emotions, forever.
No way, our bodies indicate untruths.

Haunting are the memories of the nights
I spent casting myself to the floor.
Tortured by the aroma in the air around us.
Don't tell me it's not worth fighting for. 

...Nothing compares to you..

A. Joleigh

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Appearance in Kori Miller's Week In Review

Below this blog is the link to the site that shared a poem I had written as a Sequel to Disconnect, Author-Glendon Perkins. Glen came to me and asked if I'd like to toy with the idea of writing a Sequel to his short story Disconnect (Also presented in the same article as mine here). I couldn't pass up an opportunity like that from my Editor so I attempted it. I imagined what it would be like to lose my father. Something that kills me inside every time it comes to mind is that it will happen one day. I have been in denial my entire life. ''My father will live forever.'' When I sat down to write this, it brought up some hidden emotions and so came this poem. It wasn't the short story that he asked for, but he seemed to have liked it just the same. He presented it to Kori Miller Click to visit her site here ) and she put it in an article she had written for her site. I'm so thankful to have met both of them, who have added different perspectives, encouragement and enjoyment to my writing.

To View the Mentions on her site click here
My Poem  >>> Disconnected

Friday, 3 May 2013

Honorable Mention in DarkerTimes contest

I happened to write a poem and show it to my editor Mr. Perkins, and immediately he asked, ''Do me a favor?'' I hesitated, but then gave in and asked what it was that he wanted. (He's unpredictable so this could have gone either way lol :P)

He asked me to enter into a contest. I thought he was out of his mind. But, I did it as a favor. The more I thought about it the more anxious I became. I was pretty sure I'd not win, but to at least have the chance to participate in something like this was exciting. So! I did and here it is. I owe it all to Perkins. My annoying editor :P

If anyone of you have yet to try to put yourself out there, you should consider it. Even if you don't win, that isnt the point. You putting yourself out there and daring yourself to be visible even to only judges is a large step.

Here is the link to the site where I joined in the contest. :) I hope you enjoy.

DarkerTimes Contest: Victims of War Poem   <<<click here

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Rapacity (Greed)

The day began with birds singing.
Children played beneath an awning.
Laughter rippled through the spring air.
Then all ceased without warning.

Bolts of light in the distance.
Violent quakes shook the earth.
Rolling waves of dark clouds came crashing,
engulfing everything in its broadened girth.

Terrifying screams go unheard,
muted by the tempestuous blasts.
Where laid a beautiful city
now lay mere remains of their pasts.

The small child, was too frightened to run.
Her quivering lips called for her mother.
There was no response.
Frozen in her place, nowhere to take cover.

Tears stained her delicate rosy cheeks,
as her nose began to bleed.
Clueless of what was happening,
she witnessed the world fall to its knees.

Fires consume the ill-fated city
below the mountain where she’s born.
Screams were heard from burning victims.
Doubtless then, she had been forlorn.

Planes flew furiously overhead
dropping more terror onto the people below.
In the vast distance, defense armies were gathering
They too, find it hard to swallow.

The poisons had spread into their lungs.
Every living thing soon perished.
Subdued without prejudice or favoritism.
Inconceivable for life to flourish.

Ashes fell upon her golden lashes,
tainting the life she just began,
and forever demolishing her memories
with the day rapacity conquered man.

---A. Joleigh