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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

25 Things about me...

1. Do you have pets? No
2. Name the three things physically close to you. This large blanket over my head, headphones, and Lucy (my in home spirit)
3) Whats the weather like right now? dark and cold
4) Do you drive, and if so have you crashed? does driving people crazy count?
5) What time did you wake up this morning? 6ish
6) When was the last time you showered? Good question...
7) What was the last movie you saw? when was VHS still around?
8) What was your last SMS/text message? Oops, Wrong person
9) What is your ring tone? Off
10) Have you ever been to a different country? yes
11) Do you like sushi? No, too slimy.
12) Where do you buy groceries? at the store where they sell tools
13) Have you ever taken medication to sleep? No
14) How many siblings do you have? four
15) Do you have a desktop or a laptop? lappy
16) How old will you be on your next birthday? One more year older than last time.
17) Do you wear contact or glasses? Glasses
18) Do you color your hair? No, its just black but I think I will go bald and beautiful.
19) Tell me what you're planning to do today? Boy you're nosy
20) When was the last time you cried? Just now, trying to answer these questions
21) What is your perfect pizza topping? Pepperoni
22) Which do you prefer? Hamburgers or cheeseburgers ? Cheese burgers
23) Have you ever had an all-nighter? If an all nighter consists of two minutes then sure....mostly half nighters.
24) What is your eye color? hazel
25) Can you taste the difference between pepsi and coke? Yes you drink pepsi and you snort coke.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Tortured heart (Short Story and Poem)

The howling winds of a predestined tempest fiercely echo into her ears. She sits outside her window, hanging her toes off the edge of reason. Tears rain down her fragile face, reminiscing a life where everything made sense. She is desperate to hold onto the hopes of a rescue from what could have been, an unknown, future love. Yet, with a broken heart, she lives in turmoil, with no hopes of a release from the grim nothing.

The man, whom she loved , has gone to another place, a place of forgetting, or so she has been told.

Unforgettable is the scent of his chest where she spent many hours. Unforgettable are the sensational emotions his hands evoked in her. Unforgettable are the hours spent talking 'til the sun came up; his sultry voice; and the faint breath that fell upon her face while he slept. 

In the back room of her mind, Death romantically strums the strings of a Stradivarius. With every glide of the wand, her heart bleeds. She breathes in one last time, the life of his memory, and dives into the abyss. There she will remain for the rest of her days, blanketed with the darkness that has beckoned her for so long. 


Bleeding heart
Nearing the end of its life.
Dying to a Rhythm
Of its own love song.
Tears trickle down the weary soul,
Watering the remains of the day.

Prejudice kisses blown
Crashing into the heart of another
Spirit lingers inside an abyss.
Tortured by tempests
Coming her way.

Unrequited affections
Unheard lusts
Unwanted surrenders
to love’s suicide.

Bewitched cravings,
Sizzling loins,
Indocile desires,
Incessant fantasies,
Forbidden thoughts of another
Penetrate her dreams.

 ---A. Joleigh
Inspired by: A. Long
Edited by: Glendon Perkins

Friday, 12 April 2013

Da Vinci & Sorriso della Gioconda

Da Vinci & 
Sorriso della Gioconda
(Mona Lisa’s  Smile)

He approached the panel on which he was to create
a masterpiece to live on for centuries.
An image appeared and he began to stroke
the Poplar before him, feeling its impurities.

Closing his eyes and taking in the aroma’s
His emotions instructed him to paint.
But a face he could not quite determine.
The lineaments and beauty appeared, still, faint.

Guided by the ghost in his mind’s eye,
poetically applying the brush along the grains.
Emotions danced across the wooden sheet,
to the beating iambs of his pain.

His eyes, enamored, fill with tears, while staring
at a masterpiece not yet created.
So much of himself put into the curves,
In his own art, he procrastinated.

One long slender glide with the tip of his brush.
Inspiring were the visions, before him, a woman.
He delivered brightness into bold browns and elegant hues
As dawn light appears to morning Jasmine.

Several days passed him by.
The more he painted, the more of himself he saw.
Although the outward appearance was similar to her,
the person within the art wasn’t her at all.

Upon finishing this remarkable vision,
He had seen it all had been worthwhile,
To have painted a hidden portrait of himself…
Hidden behind The Mona Lisa’s smile.


A Fight Within

Tears sting as they flow from my eyes.
Lips quiver spasmodically from the pain.
 Heart ruptures from all the lies.
Nothing else remains..

Fears dominate my feeble mind.
Anxiety mutilates and dominates my thoughts.
Solidarity I hope, despairingly, to find.
Where’s the love I once, so desperately, sought?

Your voice still echoes in my ears.
Phantom fingers taunt my skin.
Your scent remains in my pillow,
furiously stirring emotions within.

The day you said you’ve had enough
was the day my life came to an end.
I want to apologize for who I am.
I don’t know where to begin..

Blank stares out of the window
Watching the raindrops shatter on the ground.
Hearing only the fainted whispers of
our memories all around..

I wish I had listened to your pleas,
Heed to the warning signs.
Precautions I should have taken.
Lost the love that should have been mine.

My heart no longer beats the same.
 Rhythm has changed course entirely.
No longer does it flutter.
Impossible to, when you’re not with me.

Return to me where you belong,
Within the body you once resided.
Without you I am nothing
Continuing alone has welcomed suicide.

I’ll wait ‘til morning for you to return,
The companion to help me with reason
I humbly grovel for you to come home
The voice, my conscience,….
Your Demon.

 --A. Joleigh

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

My friends and fellow bloggers +A Long & +Jasveena Prabhagaran  have nominated me for this esteemed award. The Very Inspiring Blogger Award! 

Here is a link to A.Long's blog  and  Jasveena's blog. Check out their blogs! I guarantee you will enjoy it thoroughly.

In keeping with the rules in accepting this award, I must adhere to the following stipulations:

1)Display the award logo on my blog.

2) State SEVEN facts about myself.

3)Link back to the person who nominated you.

4)Nominate FIFTEEN other Bloggers who deserve this award.

5)Notify each of the Bloggers of their nomination of this award.


So, here I go...wish me luck..this could get messy... lol

Seven facts about myself? (hold please whilst I consult my alter ego...)

1) I need chaos to focus...

2) I've studied nine different languages (going on 10).

3) I was a model in my younger days until I decided to pursue other things in life including going to school to  study Criminal /Justice/Law.

4) I have certificates in Sharp Shooting (yes..run) contests and I can fly a helicopter (if zombies were to take over and there happened to be one left with keys inside).

5) I am extremely talented in burning water...



Sorry, unruly voices.

Where was I? Oh, yes..

9) I'm dyslexic

7) I'm an ex-fireman (woman) and rescue specialist  (but now I'm too lazy to do that. Instead, I will point out the location of the faucet)

The bloggers that I've learned so much from and immensely enjoyed reading are:

+Glendon Perkins   http://www.glendonperkins.com

+Jasveena Prabhagaran http://thoughtsandviewsthatmatter.blogspot.dk/

+A Long http://ajwrites57.blogspot.dk/

+Matt Ewens  www.mattrobertewens.wordpress.com/

 +Mary Cain    http://www.maryswriteway.blogspot.dk/

+James Mayes 

+Kevin Moriarty 

 +Hawke Isaacs     http://storiesofaneverydayguy.blogspot.it

 +Brian Meeks      http://www.extremelyaverage.com

 +S.C. Barrus          www.awayandaway.com/

+Bryan Dufrene www.googleplussuomi.com 

+Kori Miller www.korimiller.wordpress.com

+Karen Conlin plus.google.com/u/0/115954208232626820983/posts

+Brock Yarbro  www.writtenbybrock.blogspot.dk

+Nathan Michaels www.thestoryofchallenge.blogspot.dk

+dheeru arya www.thestoryofchallenge.blogspot.dk

Thank you everyone for being such an inspiration in your creations. Also, thank you for being there when I had questions or needed help. You're a wonderful group and I'm proud of have you in my writing family. 

with all the craziness I can offer..