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Monday 22 April 2013

Tortured heart (Short Story and Poem)

The howling winds of a predestined tempest fiercely echo into her ears. She sits outside her window, hanging her toes off the edge of reason. Tears rain down her fragile face, reminiscing a life where everything made sense. She is desperate to hold onto the hopes of a rescue from what could have been, an unknown, future love. Yet, with a broken heart, she lives in turmoil, with no hopes of a release from the grim nothing.

The man, whom she loved , has gone to another place, a place of forgetting, or so she has been told.

Unforgettable is the scent of his chest where she spent many hours. Unforgettable are the sensational emotions his hands evoked in her. Unforgettable are the hours spent talking 'til the sun came up; his sultry voice; and the faint breath that fell upon her face while he slept. 

In the back room of her mind, Death romantically strums the strings of a Stradivarius. With every glide of the wand, her heart bleeds. She breathes in one last time, the life of his memory, and dives into the abyss. There she will remain for the rest of her days, blanketed with the darkness that has beckoned her for so long. 


Bleeding heart
Nearing the end of its life.
Dying to a Rhythm
Of its own love song.
Tears trickle down the weary soul,
Watering the remains of the day.

Prejudice kisses blown
Crashing into the heart of another
Spirit lingers inside an abyss.
Tortured by tempests
Coming her way.

Unrequited affections
Unheard lusts
Unwanted surrenders
to love’s suicide.

Bewitched cravings,
Sizzling loins,
Indocile desires,
Incessant fantasies,
Forbidden thoughts of another
Penetrate her dreams.

 ---A. Joleigh
Inspired by: A. Long
Edited by: Glendon Perkins


  1. This is another example of your ability to turn emotions into words. I love the idea of adding a small short story to a poem. This is a wonderful piece of writing. I want to see more.

  2. I will definitely attempt to do this type of writing again. I turned out a lot better than I had imagined. I'm thrilled that you like it as much as I do. I'll come bugging you with more stuff to edit now.

  3. I love the strength and terseness of your descriptions - "Hanging toes off the edge of reason"! and "strums the strings of a Stradivarius" Thank you and may the "tears watering the end of this day" give rise to flowers tomorrow

    1. Thank you, too, David. :)
      What a lovely way to end your comment. :) I hope to have more coming out soon.

  4. Adrianna, so glad you are pleased with your efforts. Continue reaching inside for the words and strength to grow in your writing life! Great comments Glen and David!

  5. Wonderful poem and story Adrianna. Both are beautiful in their expressions of emotions that you conveyed. I even had some tears after reading both. You are a talented writer.

  6. Thank you Adrianna, for sharing this piece. It is profoundly beautiful and draws us into the suffering of one woman, love's suffering, a universal feeling for all who have loved and lost.

  7. "The howling winds of a predestined tempest fiercely echo into her ears." For me... you start with a line that hits so close to home, that I could not have described looming, familiar doom any better. As the reader I was fiercely gripped, straight away. Indirectly referencing the metaphorical "ledge" as reason........... I am blown away. This is a brilliant piece of writing. Everyone having been someplace similar, the hurt you so beautifully and persuasively describe, conjures up my own painful memories. The searing hopelessness that entombs our hearts when endings abruptly slaps us, is so sweetly, yet tragically offered to the reader in this piece. I am completely moved after reading this. The devotion to sadness and heroic strength it must have taken to not only share this piece of writing, but to simply write it....must have been monumental. Thank You