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Friday 12 April 2013

A Fight Within

Tears sting as they flow from my eyes.
Lips quiver spasmodically from the pain.
 Heart ruptures from all the lies.
Nothing else remains..

Fears dominate my feeble mind.
Anxiety mutilates and dominates my thoughts.
Solidarity I hope, despairingly, to find.
Where’s the love I once, so desperately, sought?

Your voice still echoes in my ears.
Phantom fingers taunt my skin.
Your scent remains in my pillow,
furiously stirring emotions within.

The day you said you’ve had enough
was the day my life came to an end.
I want to apologize for who I am.
I don’t know where to begin..

Blank stares out of the window
Watching the raindrops shatter on the ground.
Hearing only the fainted whispers of
our memories all around..

I wish I had listened to your pleas,
Heed to the warning signs.
Precautions I should have taken.
Lost the love that should have been mine.

My heart no longer beats the same.
 Rhythm has changed course entirely.
No longer does it flutter.
Impossible to, when you’re not with me.

Return to me where you belong,
Within the body you once resided.
Without you I am nothing
Continuing alone has welcomed suicide.

I’ll wait ‘til morning for you to return,
The companion to help me with reason
I humbly grovel for you to come home
The voice, my conscience,….
Your Demon.

 --A. Joleigh


  1. Sad, painful emotions surround this person. If only one could infuse this person with hope, instead of the longed for Demon.

  2. Sometimes, life pulls us into tremendous sorrow and trouble like quicksand! We feel so weak and defenseless. But, its the same hardship that launches one into greater stuffs