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Friday 12 April 2013

Da Vinci & Sorriso della Gioconda

Da Vinci & 
Sorriso della Gioconda
(Mona Lisa’s  Smile)

He approached the panel on which he was to create
a masterpiece to live on for centuries.
An image appeared and he began to stroke
the Poplar before him, feeling its impurities.

Closing his eyes and taking in the aroma’s
His emotions instructed him to paint.
But a face he could not quite determine.
The lineaments and beauty appeared, still, faint.

Guided by the ghost in his mind’s eye,
poetically applying the brush along the grains.
Emotions danced across the wooden sheet,
to the beating iambs of his pain.

His eyes, enamored, fill with tears, while staring
at a masterpiece not yet created.
So much of himself put into the curves,
In his own art, he procrastinated.

One long slender glide with the tip of his brush.
Inspiring were the visions, before him, a woman.
He delivered brightness into bold browns and elegant hues
As dawn light appears to morning Jasmine.

Several days passed him by.
The more he painted, the more of himself he saw.
Although the outward appearance was similar to her,
the person within the art wasn’t her at all.

Upon finishing this remarkable vision,
He had seen it all had been worthwhile,
To have painted a hidden portrait of himself…
Hidden behind The Mona Lisa’s smile.



  1. Adrianna, I enjoyed the poetic story you created about Leonardo's efforts with his painting. I, too, have read about the speculation that the painting was, indeed, a self portrait. Mona Lisa has inspired yet another artistic creation. Thanks so much :o)!

    1. I love your support towards us! Thanks A Long

    2. I agree with Jassy. You are enthusiastic about our work and it helps so much. Thank you.

  2. This is a creative way to write a poem. And like all your poetry, I loved it.

    1. Awe, Thank you! :) I know its not everyone's taste but when someone actually enjoys reading it, it makes me want to keep doing what I'm doing ...and of course progress.

  3. Hey, Adrianna!!!

    Where did you just get all these inspirations to write? Poetic inspirations? Just beautiful! I have also heard that the woman in the painting seems to look at you mysteriously no matter at what angle you look at her picture

    1. I was sent an art piece on G+ one morning, and thought about wanting to paint. I closed my eyes, and imagined what one of my favorite artists must have gone through at some point. Although, I know I could have better described his emotions, I felt it best to keep it short and let anyone reading feel what they want.
      This piece of art does just that Jassy. No matter where you look at her from, she is staring right back at you. Lol.

  4. Very nice portrayal of the artistic process. I like how it reads like a story yet you also include rhyme and rhythm.

    Nice poem! It's great to put ourselves in the eyes of historical figures we admire... It is a way of honoring their work and thinking.

    1. I am happy you saw it the way I wanted it to be seen. Not many people know the wood he painted on or that he struggled with art with his own thoughts, etc... The entire poem has something to it that its commonly know and a twist of 'urban legend'. lol. thank you for reading my 'story'. :)

  5. A poem to be studied, appreciated and remembered.

    1. Thank you so very much Jack. It means a lot to have someone appreciate it that much.

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  8. You reference Leonardos brush twice and alluded to it once. The instrument from which it all came. Without it, there would have been no masterpiece. "One long slender glide with the tip of his brush." <~~~~AMAZING line. I admire your focus on his instrument of creation. The keystone of the entire poem if you ask me. An Anchor if you will. I'm not crazy about the last stanza though. It felt hurried and read as if it were all set up for the last line. However the last line.... perfect. The last stanza seemed hurried... like an afterthought, added in haste. However the poem in its entirety, simply wonderful!!

    1. Hej Goby! Thank you for that. I was rushed, by my own hand. I was incredibly nervous to write this because it wasn't my usual passionate, heart wrenching poem. I tried to focus on painting and ended with this. I have thought of taking it and remaking it into something a bit more in depth. With symbolism perhaps. Once I am done I'd love for you to read it and give me your opinion. :) thank you very much for being so honest and offering this suggestion. :)