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Saturday 4 May 2013

Appearance in Kori Miller's Week In Review

Below this blog is the link to the site that shared a poem I had written as a Sequel to Disconnect, Author-Glendon Perkins. Glen came to me and asked if I'd like to toy with the idea of writing a Sequel to his short story Disconnect (Also presented in the same article as mine here). I couldn't pass up an opportunity like that from my Editor so I attempted it. I imagined what it would be like to lose my father. Something that kills me inside every time it comes to mind is that it will happen one day. I have been in denial my entire life. ''My father will live forever.'' When I sat down to write this, it brought up some hidden emotions and so came this poem. It wasn't the short story that he asked for, but he seemed to have liked it just the same. He presented it to Kori Miller Click to visit her site here ) and she put it in an article she had written for her site. I'm so thankful to have met both of them, who have added different perspectives, encouragement and enjoyment to my writing.

To View the Mentions on her site click here
My Poem  >>> Disconnected


  1. The loss of a loved one leaves a hollow, desperate, void that we can never re-fill. You have captured the essence of this grief in your poem. Probably the most important part and seldom reached part of grieving is acceptance. Your poem ends this way. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Adrianna, my dad wanted to comment on "Disconnected" but wasn't sure how, so I am posting it on his behalf. He sent me this email:

    I really liked your poem Disconnected, it touched a spot.
    keep them comming.

    1. Oh boy- that brought tears. Thank you Glendon. :) Tell him I said Thank you so very much for reading it. It's made my day. :)