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Saturday 23 March 2013

Fragile Hearts (poem)

Fragile Hearts

Pitch black darkness consumes his sight
and his stomach turns to mush.
Hearing the screaming in that horrible night
not knowing which direction to push.

Searching frantically within himself
hoping to find some truthful answers
as to why she does what she does to him
and why has she tried to desert them.

Beating his fists against the cement walls
crying and screaming aloud.
Begging her to see what shes doing to him.
Shes his great undefeated Nimbus cloud

that circles around him wherever he goes.
Teasing him with promises of sunlight.
Only to drown him again in her shadows
pouring down the rain on that dreary night.

Punching the pillows he hyperventilates
while his soul cries out in pain.
Being washed away by the distrust shes shown
and never able to believe him again.

He apologizes and begs forgiveness
but he fights not knowing where to go.
He never knew pain could feel this bad
as the dying love is so dreadfully slow.

Fetal position is how he rests now
as he weeps into the damp cold sheets.
Streaming his shaking hands along the fibers
of the very place where his love use to sleep.

Drying his eyes with the shirt she's forgotten
when she packed up all her stuff and ran.
With no idea of when she'll return
or if they'll have a chance for them again.

Tormented inside he's breaking apart
to try to find some way to forgive
the anguish he's caused inside her heart
where once laid her reason to live.

Friends come and go and families move away
but for once in his ventured life
he felt he had found the secret , the way,
the soulmate, the lover, the wife

that could make him so incredibly happy
and live life full of love and laughter..
But now after all that has been said and done
he says farewell to their happily after..

He will love her for eternity and then some
and never forget what they once were
and will always have the memories and dreams.
To forget never, but to remember, he'd prefer..

Although its tough and incredibly distraught
and feels like lifes at its end.
He will forever be grateful for what they were.
Always soulmates, once lovers...best friends..


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  1. Reading this really makes my heart fragile... A poem with so much emotions!