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Saturday 23 March 2013

Tap Dancer (poem)

The Tapper and His Swan

So sleek and smooth his feet do glide
along the floor beneath him..
His eyes close as he feels the musics beat
guiding his soul in rhythm..

Deaf and dumb this dancer was born
but lucky, he felt, was he..
That although he couldnt hear or speak
his deep blue eyes could see..

He taps alone in his empty home
and taps amongst the crowds..
He taps his feet whilst he drinks and cooks
and as he laughs out loud..

Then one day,into his life, came a
swan so beautiful and slinder..
Her satin skin and long ebony hair
draping along her figure..

His heart stops and his eyes begin to tear
for this tap dancer had everything to fear..
He has no voice to use in wooing..
no sweet nothings for her ears to hear..

Years go by as they both only see
one another from a distance..
To shy and scared of what couldnt be
but very aware of the others existance..

Sharing nervous glances and flirting expressions
as they dance around the floor..
They build up the courage to dance a little closer
and perhaps, by chance , a little more..

He sees in her eyes a new welcoming look
that he had never seen there before..
After all these years, could it possibly be?
This he could no longer ignore..

Courage consumes him as he cant wait any longer
to approach his beautiful swan..
Eager to tap his way into her heart
 letting her know she's, irrefutably, the one..

He carefully approaches and once he arrives
he looks passionately into her eyes..
She waits eagerly to hear what he has to say..
but no words come forward but alas to her surprise......

The tapper begins to tap a javanaise´ dance
and his eyes begin to shimmer..
Anxious that his swan will not understand
and that his silence will deter her..

Her head tilts to the side wondering why
this man before her is dancing..
when all the other prospects used
alluring words in their romancing..

For once , by a man, impressed she was
to see his love expressed so true..
So much passion and heartfelt romance
proven in a single clicking of his shoe..

She watched him tap in circles
around her ballerina stance..
Bringing a delighted smile to her face
by this charming illuminating tappers dance..

She floats over to him on her tippy toes
and gently grabs his collar..
Pulling him closer to her dainty curves
resting her hands on his shoulder..

Eager to speak of the rushing emotions
she has held inside for so long....but
she sees hesitation hiding in his eyes
and softly asks him what is wrong?

His shoulders fall and he shakes his head
slowly saying to himself inside
''how can such a beauty love someone like me''
and his soul begins to cry..

He turns away before he can see the
disappointment in her eyes..
She runs to him and twirls him around
with a smiling face and not ready for goodbyes..

The swan realizes now what this
silent man was trying to tell her..
That even though he cant speak or hear
his dancing can prove he loves her..

Her heart gasps ,yet no pity in sight as
she grabs his face with both hands..
Kissing his lips for the very first time
knees begin to weaken right where they stand.

She takes his hand and starts to sway
moving his body along with her own..
Showing him that words and sound mean nothing
when rythm of two hearts dance together as one..

---A. Joleigh

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