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Saturday 23 March 2013

Perfect Imperfections

Perfect Imperfections

This little girl grew up in a disfunctional family
with their oh so disfunctional ways..
Days spent making wishes and dreaming up dreams
that her uglyness will be taken away.

Children poked fun at her outward appearance
calling her relentless, cruel, degrading names.
Staining her self esteem. Pushing her to solitude.
Viewing her life ahead as useless, unwanted, insane.

Her mother kept her locked up inside the house
to protect her daughter from lifes cruelty.
Hiding her away from anymore disappointment.
Doing whats best, or so she believed.

No longer a little girl but now a grown woman
she still lives her days in fear..
The gasping and shrilling passerbys will make.
Once again, the naughty names she will hear.

Daring, one sunny day, she ventured into the village
to visit the busy, crowded markets.
Hiding her face beneath her self made shaw.
Her obstinate grip, holding so desperately to it.

Easing her tension as she trusts in her disguise
she enjoys being amongst the ones so ignorant.
Never would they believe a hideous monster
had been shopping right within their distance.

Eyeing a magnificent necklace. Holding close to her neck.
Imagining herself a glorious Princess.
For once, a smile is captured on her pale skinned face.
For once, she didnt feel so worthless.

Caught off guard, still entranced in her illusions,
a passerby randomly bumps her shoulder.
Not noticing at all that her shaw did fall
for she was distracted and a little bewildered.

This stranger was in no hurry to flee from her
yet stood there with a smile in his eyes.
Breaking out in nervous sweats, she fought for calm.
Her body and mind made no compromise.

The young man standing before her stares at her shaw
and after a few moments, comes to him, a thought.
He then, mutely, points down at his arms
showing he's well covered. Also shielded by cloth.

No need to put their feelings to words
for their eyes spoke it abundantly.
They both were born unacceptable in their worlds.
A world where society was ruled by vanity.

They parted ways and went back to their abodes
so enamoured with the eyes of a stranger.
Not able to wait for their next random date
he builds up the courage to see her..

Wrapped up inside his well protecting cloth
he approaches her well hidden home ..
Noticing the signs on her property read
''beware, 'tis where the monster roams''.

Empathetic is he to what her life must be
as he practices what he will say at her door.
Perhaps silence will be the better option here
after all, his actions can say so much more.

She sees him from her bedroom window
watching him nervously shuffle his feet..
Wondering how he had found her home
and what he could possible happen to seek.

She cautiously opens the door to outside
 Using her shaw to conceal the unsightly.
Without hesitation or reservations
she approaches and asks him outrightly..

''What business do you have in this part of the land?''
The tone in her voice attempting to deter him.''
''I come searching for the most beautiful woman around.
The most unique beauty found from within''.

''You dont understand what it is that you seek''.
She said to him with complete certainty.
''Underneath all of the rags and yarn
 lies an ugly beast or so they've rightfully named me''.

With hearing her words he removes his robe
revealing the scales along his skin..
''You see my lady, I completely understand
and will kindly remind you again..

I am here in search of the fairest of maidens
and alas I have laid my eyes upon her.
You, my dear, take my breath away
and the butterflies in my stomach you stir''.

With worry to disappoint and rejection
she removes her shaw from her figure.
Closing her eyes to not see his reaction.
Silence fell and for a second they linger.

She opens her eyes to see unexpected
surprise among his adoring face..
Not once did he flinch at her hag-like features
but stood perfectly in his place.

Not, did he notice that her eyes were
different shades of muddy water.
That her back hunched like a creature.
Nor did he notice the caluses and her scars.

Instead he saw the most breathtaking beauty
standing before him baring all..
Expecting her comely appearance would scare him away
but she was wrong and so in love they fall.

Where others see a hunchback woman
he sees the angel of his dreams..
and where they see a deformed old hag
he sees what really lies inbetween.

No matter how beautiful you are outwardly
there is no hiding your flaws or mistakes..
For beauty is measured deep within yourself.
A genuine personality you simply cant fake.

So next time some imbecile does mention
just how ugly they think you to be outside.
Just feel comfort within yourself to know
that they've got the ugly you simply cant hide.

A. Joleigh