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Saturday 23 March 2013

Introduction to the Novel Im writing ''Nadia''

Waking up to blood stained fingernails, and claw marks along her face, Nadia soon finds she has been imprisoned on an island inside of Alchem's Asylum, much older than she remembers. She screams a loud as a voice within her mind speaks to her, letting her know she is not alone. Her chest throbs and tears shed as she uses her fingers to tear into her head. Being forced to take a back seat in her own mind, Nadia soon witnesses the demon take over, leaving broken bodies in its path, seducing bastardly men, and leaving them lifeless. Thriving off of chaos and mania, it becomes unstoppable. In the journey to discover a cure for her sanity, Nadia is willing to do anything to regain control over her soul. Unfortunately, the only person to ever care for her would be the person she would have to kill to survive. 


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