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Saturday 23 March 2013

Lost (poem)


My eyes cry many oceans,
The weeping violin plays my heart.
It all comes crashing down around me
whenever we are apart.

I long to see your eyes
and the looks upon your face.
I miss the way our lives were lived
with no knowledge of time nor space.

My skin shivers in anxiety,
my fingers hunger for your soul.
Without having your body around me
everything around me seems so cold.

Electric pains eat up my spine
at the thought of you being so far.
Scared to death that my mental self
will damage everything we are.

I cant eat nor sleep nor think anymore
because in mind, you are everywhere.
Tossing 'n' turning in my empty bed
waking, only to see that you're not there.

One day I love you and the next.. I hate you.
I cant make up my minds.
On one side I cant live without you,
and with the other, myself i need to find.

Crying, screaming and dying inside
I feel my soul deminish..
For once in my life I'd like to find
one thing that I can finish.

Fears consume me and my love ruins me
and then at last Im trapped
by my own desires and mind of a coward
only to find my mind has snapped.

I beg of you your forgiveness
and pray that you understand
that these things I cannot control.
They are completely out of my hands.

Only the amazing person that you are
will see the real person I can be
but only to have to live life in hell
to try to save this girl in me.

It pains me more that you have to see
whats going on inside my head.
Some days I feel Im on cloud nine
and others, i live numb. Im living dead.

Please try to understand more
about what is going on with me.
See that there are times that come
where I just need to be set free.

I ache always and I weep outloud
hoping someone out there will hear
that im begging, sobbing for help
for a chance at life I once held dear.


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