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Saturday 23 March 2013

Grande Love

Grande Love

She remains awake in the lonely nights
with thoughts of him playing there beside her.
With all of the ''what ifs'', the ''mights'',
the ''maybes'' and the passion in which she moliors.

Uncertain is the future and what it beholds.
 She hangs on unyieldingly to her illusions.
Fairy tale is her life, a hopeless story never told.
A novel in the making. Gradeur are her delusions.

She sits solemnly at her Baby Grande piano
strumming her fingers along the black and whites.
Thinking about the parts of love she'll never know
because of her troubles that deligate her life.

Shes loved him from afar for so many years
too insecure to tell him what lies in her heart.
 Many times shes hindered by her own fears.
 Resulting from life's unpleasantness, exists her rampart.

The music pours through her soul and into the keys
speaking for her emotions and her pain.
Hearing the notes replacing her own words and pleas
once having played them to never be heard again.

 Years pass her by as she resides beside the Grande
still speaking her thoughts through her melodies.
Muscially and inspirationally the piano takes her hand
guiding her frailness to and fro from what, in her, it sees.

The beautiful Grande is now the love of her life
replacing the man who once held her admiration.
The man who's ''Grande'' was his own whistling fife.
The fife who distracted him more with dedication.

There was no competing with the lovers of music
as they only trust their instruments faithful.
A time when life seems to incredibly tragic
can be transformed to make life seem a bit mirthful.

Her baby Grande so sympathetic to her woes
has eternally been there along side her.
Through the burning summers and the wintery snows
they play together and flaming spirits incur.

Potential suitors come and go through the revolving doors
but none stay around just long enough
to find out just how amazing this little woman is
and find out exactly what it is shes made of.

''But, it is okay,'' she tells herself again and again.
Encouraging her lonely heart to stay strong.
and never having to hear to herself explain
why there is loneliness and where she had gone wrong.

So day by day for the rest of her poetic life
she will forever remain on her bench and play
along with her beautiful Grande piano
in hopes of a true love that might come her way..



  1. I must say your poems have life!! It's so real and touching!! Just another way to paint one's feelings!

  2. Awww Thank you Jasveena <3. That means a lot!